We are a gym of health and wellness enthusiasts who want to impart to everyone that they can get a great workout no matter what age they are; level of fitness they currently are at; or have endured injuries that could be holding them back. We cater to all clients as individuals to make sure they are doing what is right for them, even within our group classes. We love seeing people improve their health and wellness and believe that fitness is the entire package - not just what the scale says or what size clothes they wear. What sets us apart from other gyms is the amount of consistent care and expert instruction we provide in each class or session. We believe our clients should always leave our gym feeling better than when they arrived!


what we provide

We provide customized programs to all clients, even within our group classes.

We help those who want to be healthy but don’t know where to start.

We cater to those who know the movements, but lack variety and motivation to keep going to the gym on their own.

We strive to make sure everyone is doing a workout that fits their needs each time they come in.

We are a small, welcoming and non intimidating environment.

Our goal is to offer people professional instruction within safe parameters as they attain the results they desire.

We show people how to make coming to the gym a part of their weekly routine that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

We have over 20 years of experience in health and wellness and personal training.

Our priority is to provide an unparalleled service in accordance with client goals.

We frequently add new classes, workshops, or services to make the experience at our facility the best it can be for each and every client.

We provide our clients with remote online coaching when they can’t make it to the gym due to life circumstance or a preference to work out at their own gym.


All level fitness classes provide an extensive warm up, focused muscle and strength work, and an individualized structured cardio workout. We cater to all levels of fitness within this class from beginner-to-advanced to everyone in between. The workout is different every time you come in. We want to avoid boredom and burnout so you look forward to returning each time to a fun, challenging and successful experience.

client success stories

I have known JP & Krista since 2011 and both have coached me since that time. They have had a tremendous impact on my level of fitness, but more importantly, my overall health and well being. Their knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and functional body movement is second to none. The groups I have worked out with over the years under their coaching has always been diverse and I love seeing the positive impact they have on others, whether it’s been years since someone has been in the gym or they have been in the gym for years. Everyone sees improvement.
— Mike Munroe
Krista and Jp from Life in motion fitness are the best trainers to work with. They’ve taken the time to understand my personal goals and have helped guide me every step of the way. Whether it was checking in to see how the work outs have been feeling or to chat with me about nutrition and what my struggles have been. They’re like a book of knowledge and the results I am seeing are amazing. It’s nice to feel good in your own skin. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. You’re truly the best!
— Jessica D’avolio
I have worked with Krista one-on-one for the past seven years, and I don’t know what I would done without her help and encouragement. She is always able to find the perfect balance of movements that are both challenging and allow you to feel successful. I have had various health issues over the years that have limited certain movements, but Krista is always able to meet me where I am at in that moment. Every movement she has you do has a purpose behind it, and she always has a 100% focus on her clients. She has made me stronger both mentally and physically.
— Kate Landry