10 Healthy Commandments


10 Healthy Commandments

We all need simple healthy rules to live by.
Author: Coach Krista

People tend to know the general way to be fit and healthy, but still seem to find it so hard to maintain. Why does that happen? We all know we need to eat right, exercise, sleep enough, drink enough water, and stay away from fatty foods and sugars. So why don’t we? There is more than enough information out there for anyone to just google and find an answer to their problem. Lose weight? Google how to lose weight. Eat healthy? Google healthy meal plans. And STILL we cannot follow the rules. I find it's because there is too much information to digest. Too many different opinions of what diet is best and how much to eat, when to eat it, should you fast, how much to workout, OH MY GOSH it’s information OVERFLOW!!!

What I want this to be is 10 simple healthy rules to live by.  If you are following these 10 simple rules, “commandments”, you will be able to live a balanced life and not feel deprived and also see results that you wish to see.

  1. Walk 30 min a day. If you are making a point to get a 30 min walk in a day you will absolutely be doing enough to ensure you get the right amount of movement in each day. Stationary lifestyles are where most people end up; sitting at a desk, students sitting in class, sitting to watch tv, sitting to eat meals with friends, sitting sitting sitting. Get up and walk for 30 min straight and you will be getting enough movement in to combat that stationary life we all have to live.

  2. Eat vegetables at least two meals a day. It isn’t new, vegetables are key to a healthier body. So, I’m not saying don’t eat what you want, what I’m saying is, you must incorporate vegetables into your diet at least for two meals a day. Want to have a cheese steak sub? Have a salad on the side. Pizza??? SALAD ON THE SIDE. Steak dinner? Get those yummy mashed potatoes and asparagus. Eating vegetables doesn't mean trade in the bad stuff for the veggies. Just ADD the veggies next to what you love!

  3. Drink water all day. You cannot survive without water. You can live without food for extended periods on time, but water is literally your means to survival. So, use going peeing as a way to get more steps and movement into your day, crush some water and stay hydrated!!!  Start by trying to drink a half gallon of water a day. Buy a refillable water bottle and make a goal to refill it at least 4 times!  Yes you will pee your pants all day, but you will feel amazing! Nothing is more important that the health of your internal organs.

  4. Have protein at breakfast. It’s time to start thinking about what you want to eat for breakfast that has protein in it. The easiest go to would be eggs, and I know I’m a little crazy and eat eggs all day every day, for those who don’t feel that way, you must try to find protein sources you can add to your breakfasts. Protein will help you keep your blood sugar levels even throughout the morning allowing you to get to lunch without feeling starved and craving sugar and carbs. A low protein diet, could lead anyone to feel more hungry and more likely to make unhealthy food choices later in the day. Protein is the building blocks to your muscles and without it your body won’t recovery from any physical activity you might have done that day. Good breakfast protein sources would be: eggs, turkey bacon, any animal meat, yogurt, cottage cheese, protein powder for smoothies. Keep checking out my blogs for more ideas on breakfast options!

  5. Eat complete meals at meal times. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. If you are eating full meals, you will not need to eat snacks between meals. A complete meal includes protein, vegetables or fruit, carbohydrate, and small quantity of healthy fats. A meal can be as much as 400-600 calories depending on your activity level for the day. You could have 3-4 full meals per day! If you are like me and love to eat, have three big meals a day! Three big 600 calorie packed meals a day only leaves you with 1800 calories for the entire day. If you have long days and get the 2:00pm/3:00pm slump, you might want to have 4 smaller meals per day. Four small meals at 400-500 calories leaves you with no more than 1600-2000 calories for that day! Now, that is just an example of how much food you could eat for the day that would leave you with no more than 2000 calories. If you tend to not eat much (just snacks here and there) throughout the day and crush a huge meal late, you could be ending the day eating just over 2000 calories depending on what you had. That doesn’t sound like much, but if you consistently eat 200-300 calories more than what your burn off each day, you will be constantly fighting yourself working your ass off at the gym to see no results because you are only burning those extra calories off or you could be slowing adding weight on each month. Even if you only gain 1 extra lb per month … in 3 months you are up 3 lbs, in 6 months you are up 6 … and so on!! This is a lot of words to say a simple thing. Lets stop snacking and go back to eating big yummy meals (these suggestions are based on a 2000 calories a day consumption, everyone is different and seeking a professional who can help you choose the correct calorie consumption for you is always a great option)!

  6. Try and get 7 hours of sleep per night. Sleep is the best way to recover your body and mind from your day. Without proper sleep you can see weight gain, increased stress levels, increased sugar cravings and appetite, lack of motivation, muscle stiffness and joint pain, and so many more. Do your best to not get sucked into a show (I’m actually saying this one myself!!!) and stay up way too late, your body will hate you the next day and you might not even recover from that lack of sleep for a few nights after! Get your rest!

  7. Follow an eating plan for 3 months before giving up. Stop quitting after only a few weeks when you don’t “see results”.  I’m telling you right now, you will not see any weight loss results after 1 week, 1 month, or maybe even 2 months of following any diet or nutritional change.  You must stick to the program for at least 3 months to see something happen on either the scale or your clothes. If when you begin your eating plan, you feel starved and deprived, you need to ask yourself if that is the right plan for you. If you are feeling starved and deprived after just one week of following a plan and are frustrated you haven't lost any weight, I am going to tell you right now that following that plan is probably not good for you. The only way to see real results is to play the slow game and stick to something that you can actually follow for 3 months OR MORE!!!! So, stop being that person that just needs instant gratification and feel you SHOULD see weight loss in just a couple weeks, I am sorry to say it's just not going to happen and your mindset needs to change. If you don’t change your views on weight loss you won’t ever see any results.

  8. Stop having dessert. You don’t need dessert at restaurants. Plan and simple. If you are eating desserts at restaurants a few times a month you are over consuming calories and sugar. You are totally throwing away any progress you might have made that week at the gym. Save your desserts for special occasions.

  9. Do not drink soda. Even if it’s “diet” soda, artificial sugars are even worse than real sugars. Your body will thank you later. Seltzer water and plain water are good replacements.

  10. Do not eat an entire pizza. I’m not saying don’t eat pizza, just don’t eat the entire pizza!!!  This goes for all delicious cheesy greasy foods. Try and stop yourself from eating entire plates of grease and piar those greasy meals with a salad. Take the rest home and have it the next day! This is a great way to stop over consuming calories, but still enjoy the foods you love.

We try and teach people how to have balance in their lives. If you are having trouble finding a balance reach out to professionals that can help you find what works for you. We are all human, and no one should expect themselves to be perfect, but following a few simple guidelines will ensure you are leaning towards being more balanced with your health and wellness.

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