Simple Meal Plan to Get You Started!


Simple Meal Plan to Get You Started!

Simple suggestions for a day of healthy eating!

Author: Krista Sideri-Wioncek

For more in depth information here is a list of some great books to read!


This is simply some suggestions on how to begin eating healthier to kick start your metabolism and start seeing results as you begin your new workout regime with Life In Motion Fitness!  For your meals, dedicate a time of the day that each meal will be at! Knowing when your next meal will be makes it easier to get there without eating in between.

Next to the meal suggestions are MY eating times to give you an idea.  Something to remember is, I get up at 4:30am so the timing of my meals is based off of that.  Technically I eat about 3 hours after I get up, so if you're getting up at 6:30am or 7:30am and don’t feel hungry for breakfast until 9:30am or 10:30am that is normal.  STILL EAT BREAKFAST, don’t skip right to lunch or just try and “wait until lunch time”. You will be starving and now more likely to make bad, quick choices.

Breakfast (300-500 calories) 7:30am

  1. WATER! Have water right away in the morning to get the body flowing.

  2. PROTEIN!  Eggs are an excellent source of protein in the morning, so whip up some eggs with some leftover veggies or meat for a tasty scramble you can eat at home or take with you to work.  What is even better? Wrapping it all up in a tortilla!

  3. Not an egg person?  Yogurt mixed up with your favorite toppings (fruit, nuts, low sugar granola, cinnamon, raisins, etc.), or check out my overnight oats recipe or chia seed pudding recipes found on Facebook or Instagram.

Lunch (400-500 calories) 11:30am

  1. SALADS!  You cannot go wrong with a nutrition packed salad and you can get one ANYWHERE!  Don’t stress over the creamy dressing - yes they are higher in calories, but I’d rather get the salad with some yummy creamy dressing than down a cheeseburger with french fries!

  2. WRAPS!  You can find a healthy, veggie loaded wrap just about anywhere these days.  Chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion, a little cheese and whatever condiments you prefer.  Don’t stress over the bread/wrap. Still better than a chicken finger sub or a slice of pizza!

  3. COMBOS ARE KEY!  You will always feel more full if you have a salad on the side of whatever you choose to eat for lunch.  So, go for a soup and a salad or a sandwich and salad. Since the salad is the side to your meal, try and use a lighter vinaigrette dressing to keep the calories down.

  4. KEEP DRINKING WATER!  It is true, water will fill your belly up and make you stay fuller longer.

Snack (200-300 calories) I eat this WITH my lunch if I am starving at lunch time.

  1. A midday snack can totally help you cut bad food cravings later in the night!  If you avoid this meal you will end up being starving for dinner and then the potential of making bad choices goes up!

  2. Smoothies work great at this time that include banana, protein powder of your choosing, berries or fruits of your choosing, some type of milk (almond, coconut, regular whatever!), maybe a little nut butter, throw some spinach in there and call it a day!

  3. Not a smoothie person?  Hummus and veggies/fruit and yogurt/banana and nut butter/apple and nut butter/rices cakes with nut butter and cinnamon/low sugar protein bars/low sugar trail mix (but make sure you check caloric count as they can be high in calories per serving.)

  4. Feeling hungrier than normal from crushing a workout at the gym?  Have a MEAL. This meal can be half a sandwich (save the other half for the next day!) a bowl of soup, chicken salad on lettuce wraps, anything you want!  Just make sure it’s a smaller portion than your other meals for the day!

Dinner (400-500 calories) 4:00/5:00pm

It’s okay if you feel hungry by dinner time!!!

  1. Have a big dinner!  Don’t be afraid to eat a good hearty meal that fills you up and tastes great!

  2. You cannot go wrong with a protein (meat/fish/tofu, whatever you prefer), veggies of your choosing, and either a sweet potato, rice, or quinoa, even a little pasta.

  3. Limit or skip the cheese!  Adding cheese to a meal tastes great, but can add hundreds of calories to whatever it is you are eating if you don’t pay attention to the quantity you are adding.  So, just check the label before sprinkling it on, a little goes a long way!

  4. Have a salad first!  This is the best tip I can give you for dinner at home or out with friends.  Have a small side salad first as your appetizer, you will feel more satisfied with your dinner and eat less of it.  If you are out to eat, the salad will fill you and you might even be able to take half of your meal home with you to have the next day at your mini meal snack time!!

  5. Try to limit alcohol during the work week.  Save those calories for the weekend!

Pre-Bedtime Snack (200 calories) 7:30pm/8:00pm

This can be one of the snacks listed above!  Don’t stress over eating late at night.

If taking the highest totals for calories at each meal time, your only consuming 2000 calories a day!  With 30 min of walking or exercise each day (YES ONLY 30 MIN), you will absolutely see results over time.  

It’s consistency that matters, not crash dieting and trying to eat the least amount you can survive on each day to drop a few pounds only to have it all return once you get back up to higher calorie intake.  

Lifestyle over immediate results.  It’s not the fastest way to do things, but it’s the best way.

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