Fruit Makes You Fat


Fruit Makes You Fat

Author: Coach Krista

Why is fruit making you fat? The truth is that it is not. Fruit does not make you fat. This misconception has some pretty sad outcomes as people think they are doing themselves a favor by avoiding fruit, when in reality, fruit has essential nutrients and brain boosting natural sugars that can really help keep you on track with your healthy eating.

The human body requires certain types of nutrients to keep it going. The major categories being Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. The other components that keep your organs healthy and blood flowing are vitamins and minerals. Glucose (sugar) is what the body needs for energy is derived from the carbohydrates that we eat. Not only starches, but veggies and fruits are carbohydrates as well. The meals you eat should be packed with veggies and fruits as these are what help make a meal full of essential nutrients your body needs to function. So, when deciding on what to eat, choose a nutrient dense items which will include some or all three categories (protein, fats and carbohydrates) along with vitamins and minerals.


Fruit is your friend! If you’re like me and get those sugar cravings, there is nothing better than adding a little sweet to your day with some fruit.  Fruit shouldn’t be something you’re afraid to have. If you need a little sugar jump at lunch have some fresh berries or check whatever’s in season, peaches and pineapple are amazing when they are ripe! Even plan ahead to have some sweet fruit post dinner if you find yourself to be someone who needs a little dessert something. Fruit is sugar yes, but what also comes along with that sugar is essential vitamins, minerals and most importantly, fiber which you won’t get from a dessert or some other type of sugary creation made with white sugar/flour/oils.


Bananas are one of the fruits that is under fire for being too high in sugar. Let’s talk facts! One banana contains about 400mg of potassium, 100-115 calories, 25-30g of carbohydrates, and 1-2g of protein and to top if off bananas are naturally fat free! Bananas can also help lower blood pressure, help keep your bones strong, boost your brain function, and aid digestion. There is 14g of sugar in one banana.


Packaged food has become the go to for us since we live on the go. I’ll use protein bars as the common snack example to compare to my beloved banana. Protein bars are packed with all sorts of fake/manufactured ingredients, processed everything, and who knows what goes on at the place that makes them! I’m sure we all have reached for the bars that have a chocolate flavor to them or some type of sweetness that makes you regularly want to have them. To break the bad news, something that says “no sugar added” or “sugar free” and still tastes like dessert, has fake sugars in it that were manufactured to not affect your blood sugar. These fake sugars are chemicals and have effects on your digestion and body. Protein bars also tend to be high in fat because they use nuts to give the bars some bulk. Most bars care be anywhere from 120-400 calories if you aren’t paying attention to the nutrition facts! A simple snack can become higher calories than a meal if you go for a bar that maybe has 200 calories in it, then some nuts, which if you're eating more than a handful you could be adding another 200-300 calories, and another coffee with cream which can add 40-120 calories depending on how you take it, and that's not even if you add sugar to your coffee!  Your snack is now 500+ calories which is as much as a meal.


Snacking is what I have found to be the downfall of most busy peoples day. That 2-3pm slup can crush you. Already being many hours into the work day whatever that is for you, means your brain is tired and can make you feel like you are craving that yummy sugar high to carry you on!  Fruit can satisfy all the needs of your body. Most places sell pre cut fruits these days, so reach for some juicy watermelon and strawberries to give your body the sugar it needs to perk up your brain, hydration from the water inside them, and fiber to keep your body’s digestion system moving along. A banana, some peanut butter/nut butter, and iced green tea would keep your day going and not add too many extra calories.


My message is to not punish your body for wanting sugar. You want something sweet, get a fruit bowl on the side of your breakfast, lunch, or after dinner. The fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth. This message does come with a down side. As we always try to teach everyone, balance is key. If you find yourself eating only fruit in the morning, then another big serving of fruit for a snack and then consuming more fruit after hardly eating dinner, this can lead to some problems of over consumption of fruit and this is why the belief of fruit is bad came about. You cannot only consume one type of food group, that's a general statement for all things. Meals are still key, fruit is a supplementation or addition to your balanced meal of protein, carbohydrates and fats. Meals always first, sweets after!

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