It's Not All or Nothing


Don’t Let Your Health Be All or Nothing

Author: Coach Krista

The state of your body is more than just diet and exercise.  I think we need to stop using these terms to describe what causes a bodies appearance.  Diet and exercise are over used and are now so messed up, people are finding it hard to even begin a fitness journey of any kind.  Diet has become a word that means you don’t eat or you are following a specific plan that restricts you of anything and all that you love.  Exercise is now hours at the gym with excessive time on cardio machines to burn those calories because if you aren’t sweating you aren’t losing weight.  These two terms have created this all or nothing mindset where it’s either dive into that restricted diet and get an hour or more at the gym or it’s not even worth it.  This couldn’t be more wrong.


The words health and well being should be what describes the state of your body.  If you are focused on the health of your internal organs from a scientific standpoint, food becomes a little easier to choose based off knowing what will make them healthier or harm them.  You do not need to know science to know this. The next term, is your overall well being. Being physically active to some is what makes them happy and some need a little push to get going and that is fine.  But, the physical activity you choose should enhance your overall well being not bring it down. If running doesn’t make you happy and you have to force it upon yourself to do it, don’t do it. Walking is equally as powerful of a cardio tool as running.  If going to the gym alone to do weights just bores the crap out of you, don’t do that. Find a gym and offers up some type of lifting classes or personal training that can motivate you and bring some enjoyment into your lifting sessions. The point here is, if you are not enjoying the physical activity your doing, you might want to find one you like and will look forward to instead.  We are not all the same, and what you see on social media and all these crazy gym things, it is more than okay if that just isn’t you!


All or nothing is a damaging way to look at your health and well being and you don’t need to know science to understand it.  To keep it simple, your internal organs require certain types of nutrients to function and so many of those vital organs are irreplaceable.  So, deciding that eating healthy just isn’t worth trying because it seems too restrictive is actually dangerous. A better mindset when it comes to food is not what will be taken away, it’s what you can add to your meals that will save your organs from future sickness.  The healthiest addition will always be a vegetable. Whatever you eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, ask yourself if there is any way you can add a vegetable or fruit to that meal. I tell people this all the time, if you are going to have pizza for a meal, add a side salad to it and your meal becomes a little more complete.  Are you a pasta person? No problem there, just ask yourself, could this meal have more vegetables? And google is your best tool for food, you can literally type in, “how to add vegetables to” and say the meal you're cooking.


Give yourself the mindset that vegetables are like supplements.  We all want to enjoy what we are eating, but the toll you must pay to enjoy that delicious calzone can be a salad as your appetizer.  Eat it fast if you don’t enjoy salad. Don’t even pretend you should enjoy it, but make it something that you must have because your organs will thank you for it.  Pretend your feeding something different in your stomach and it only survives on vegetables, I don’t know get creative! Because you don’t have to enjoy eating vegetables, but you do have to have them so you must come up with ways to get them down and my best advice is to eat them first and eat them quickly.  I do this all the time!


Going to the gym or getting your “exercise” in for the day should be something you look forward to.  When physical activity feels like a chore, this means you may want to seek out some variety at the gym or wherever you work out.  Working out is not all or nothing. You do not need to be on the cutting edge of fitness to see result nor do you need hours upon hours to do it.  I will never stop saying this, walking is the key to your weight loss. If you are a regular gym goer, and find some days to lack motivation, hop on a treadmill and get walking.  Elevating your heart rate with walking will help shake off that feeling of not wanting to exercise and get you going. If you aren’t sure you are ready to go to the gym or take a new class because you feel you should be in better shape, start walking 20-30 minutes per day and in a week or two you will start feeling better and stronger.

If you like to workout and lift weights, but don’t because there is not enough time, you’ll be surprised what 15 minutes can do.  Just 15 minute of focused lifting with good form can build the muscle you desire. Try lifting for 15 min per day rotating what muscle groups you work and in 3-4 days you will have been able to hit every muscle in the body.  It is better to keep movement consistent throughout the week instead of getting maybe only one or two really long days at the gym.


Some of my most successful clients train with me for 30 minutes three times per week and add walking or other enjoyable movement to their routine.  When they come, we focus on lifting and then it’s their job to get their walks and or enjoyable movement in the other days of the week. This has shown to be extremely successful in developing their muscles and keeping exercise consistent.  We have also found success among our clients who enjoy our classes, but also need some customized movements within our group classes. Our classes have a general program written, but everyone is different and changes can always be made to work around injuries, energy levels, or even just likes and dislikes.  

No matter where you live or what your doing, if you need help, reach out to local gyms in your area and seek out the facility that offers a slow progression and individualized program that will cater to you and your level and style of fitness.  You don’t need to cookie cutter yourself or settle for a program you just don’t love. You fitness facility should be a place you enjoy and feel comfortable attending.

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