Master Your Shopping List


Master Your Shopping List

Eat like us and feel amazing.

Author: Coach Krista

This is my food list for each week! I buy food that allows me to have 7 meals on hand for both me and JP each day! That would be 3 meals for me (Krista), and 4 meals for JP. This style of preparing takes practice. No one is the master of anything the first time they try it. I cannot tell you how many times I have not bought enough food, or bought too much food, or just flat out didn’t like what I got and had to eat it anyway because I hate wasting money by throwing food in the trash. I have made so many mistakes over the years learning how and what to cook, what actually tastes good leftover, and what takes the least amount of time and effort to cook, but tastes good enough to want to eat! I would very proudly say, I am a Master Food Prepper. I am only a master because I have taken years to perfect my method. You can become a great food prepper as well, it just takes a little time and patience to figure it out. We save a lot of money by prepping food as well, buying meals out that you can easily make at home is expensive!

We go shopping on Saturdays. I am a crazy person, I love to food shop! You do not have to love it, I just wanted to let you know, I am a crazy lady. I buy majority of the food we eat and I cook most of it on Sunday. Depending on how much we have eaten, I will make another trip to pick up a few items on Wednesdays, to get through the rest of the week. This is how I manage to have enough food to make it from Monday’s breakfast all the way to Friday’s lunch. For weekends we prepare a different way, I won’t get into that now.

Before you food prep, I suggest one extra step of thinking about what you would like to eat each day at each meal. This might seem crazy, how would you know what you want to eat? If you pre plan your meals, I promise you will likely stick to them more than trying to decide what to eat in a moment of hunger. A lot of why I prep is to make eating a little more mindless since we have to eat most of our meals at work (like I’m sure a lot of you have to as well). I am also frugal and if I buy it and cook it, the rule is, we have to eat it. I find so much joy in running out of food friday afternoons and then we can decide do we go out for lunch or dinner? Or make a quick stop at my favorite place on earth, Market Basket, and cook a fresh meal at home! Oh the FUN! Now I’m only making suggestions, you probably won’t have to follow exactly what we do because maybe you have more time to cook and eat at home. But, I know so many of you who don’t have a lot of free time, and making quick healthy food choices is just so hard to do in those moment of hunger mid day, I promise having food ready to go, even if it’s not a perfect meal, will help you make it through your day.

Without anymore nonsense, let me show you what I plan to eat each day! Next to meals/food items there will be some notes to check out! I will be posting as many recipes as I can as well if you want to try things I make!


// JP

Monday - Friday Meals


  • 1 cup shredded chicken / spinach / sweet potato / guacamole & overnight oats topped with raisins / sunflower seeds / blueberries. (JP eats the same thing every day. 😆)

Monday / Wednesday / Friday


  • ½ cup shredded chicken / hummus pickles / on rice cakes & ½ cup meat and ½ cup quinoa with veggie.

Tuesday / Thursday


  • Salad - ½ cup shredded chicken / sunflower seeds / avocado dressing & ½ cup meat & cup of quinoa.

    We eat at home, so we have a few options.


  • 1 cup shredded chicken / zucchini rice / 1 cup quinoa.

  • 1 cup ground bison & turkey combo / asparagus & green beans / roasted potatoes.

    First dinner around 4pm and second dinner around 5/6/7:30pm, or when he has a chance to sit down for it.

// Krista

Monday - Friday Meals


  • 2 eggs / spinach / roasted sweet potato (like JP, I eat this every day at the gym!)

Monday / Wednesday


  • Salad - ½ cup shredded chicken over salad with cucumbers / champagne dressing & ¼ cup cottage cheese topped with cinnamon / honey / pumpkin seeds / raisins / berries.

Tuesday / Thursday / Friday


  • Salad - ½ cup chicken / 1 tbsp goat cheese / strawberries / pumpkin seeds / poppyseed dressing & banana / powdered peanut butter.

    We eat lunch at home, so I like options!


  • ½ cup ground turkey / green beans & asparagus / roasted potatoes (eaten at the gym daily!)

This basic eating structure can vary with what is in each meal. I change our meals based off of the season and or what we are sick of eating. If you’re looking at what we eat and are like wow I would never eat that, plug into the meal what you would eat and give it a try! You could have wraps or sandwiches instead of salads, you can have rice instead of quinoa or potato, pork instead of chicken, beef instead of bison, and so on. Don’t like green beans and asparagus? Pick other veggies. This is my template and I just switch thing out as needed.



2 bags sweet potatoes (breakfast)

1 bag red potatoes (dinner)

Cucumber (salad or snacking)

2 bags green beans (dinner)

2 bunch asparagus (dinner)

Box box of spinach (breakfast)

Small box arugula (lunch)

big box spring mix (lunch)

Blueberries (toppings)

Strawberries (salad toppings)

Bananas (snacks)

Zucchini rice (dinner)


9 chicken breasts

2 lb bison

3lb 93% - 99% lean turkey breast

2 deli meats (I get the vacuumed sealed ones, and keep these for “just in case” if I need some protein)

Goat cheese (lunch)

Coconut milk (overnight oats)

Cottage cheese (snack)

Vitamin Water Zero’s (these are great!)


Eggs (organic, cage free)

Pumpkin Seeds (toppings)

Pickles (Kosher Dill, omg my favorite)

Rice cakes (unsalted, plain)

Almonds (toppings)


Oats (gluten free, quick oats)


Honey (buy this local not at Market Basket)

High quality butter

Single serving hummus packs

Single serving guac pack

All teas

Olive oil (extra virgin)

Salad Dressings

Salsa (Market Basket brand medium salsa, my favorite!)



Hot sauce (Frank’s, we put that sh#$ on everything)

BBQ sauce (Stubbs Original, pretty low sugar and good ingredients!)

Maple syrup (Vermont brands, check the label! Get the good stuff!)

Final message of this is, plan ahead. You don’t have to plan this much, but planning can help you stay on top of eating the nutritious things that keep your body functioning at its highest potential. If you find this interesting, but have no clue how to get started, reach out to me or find someone near you who can help you find your best food prep plan!


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