Scheduling Consistently


Scheduling Consistently

Fit for life not just for the summer.
Author: Coach Krista

Having the body, you want is absolutely possible. The amount of time and consistent effort is what gets skewed by the images of perfection and fad dieting tips you see everywhere. If you want to see a change in your body, you must do the thing you do not want to do and that is consciously making a DAILY effort to do something healthy. It’s all about consistency. Consistency with exercise looks a little something like this.


Family or personal enjoyment day or getting ready for the work week ahead. Take this day to get stuff done, relax, go for a walk to get some movement in, be active all day, or whatever else you want to do is fine! I love Sundays for a low stress kind of day.


Hit the gym! Hit it hard, get some weight lifting in and a little cardio, start that week off right! Try a class at Life in Motion Fitness, or use one of our online training programs to do on your own, we get you the whole package.


Hit the gym again! Stacking two days back to back and get your metabolism revved up to keep that week rolling!


Time to treadmill or take a walk outside, try a yoga or Pilates class, go for a bike ride or take a swim! Do something for 30 - 60 min, to keep the momentum going, but it does not have to be at the gym if you just can’t get yourself there! But, some type of constant movement for 30 min or more!!! You can dance around your house and break a sweat if you want!


Get to the gym! Not super motivated on a Thursday?! Jump on a cardio machine for 10 min just to get the blood flowing. Do some light weight lifting with some low weights and high reps just to break a sweat and flex those muscles, but keep it simple, doing something is always better than nothing.


TAKE A WALK! It’s Friday!!! You made it, but don’t throw your movements out the window, get at least a 30 min walk in before you hit the town on a fun night out, or if you are like me, hit the pillow to get that needed sleep!


Gym or workout on your own, do something fun! Try a new class, try a new movement or machine you have never tried! Make you Saturdays something enjoyable to look forward to! Join a running group, or hiking group, play some games outside with the kids, take a long walk with a friend, do something that is fun!!! With that type of schedule, you will have moved just about every day of the week, gone to the gym 3 and maybe a 4th time, and not have to stress on the days you don’t go because you did your 30 min of walking to get some light movement in. First focus is always get moving. Feeling good in movement will lead you to want to eat healthier. One baby step at a time, so get the movement down first maybe for 2-3 months of CONSISTENT EFFORT then look into finding how to make the same small changes with your diet!

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