S(tretch) A(t) D(esk)


S(tretch) A(t) D(esk)

Stretches to do while working at your desk.
Author: Coach Krista


If you work from home or commute to your 9 to 5, we all know how long we can be sitting at our desks for. These are great stretches at your workplace so you don’t shrivel up into a prune.

People tend to know the general way to be fit and healthy, but this stretch is for your glute and hip! Bring one ankle up over your knee and gently allow your bent knee to drop. You might feel tight so don’t push it! If your knee easily drops out to the side, try leaning over pressing your belly button forward, which allows your back to remain flat.  You can also bend over rounding your back, which allows for a stretch to your lower back as well as your hip.

Hold this stretch on each side for no longer than 1 min. Do this a few times throughout the day to keep you hips feeling loose!


This Stretch is for your hamstrings.  Place one leg up on your chair with both feet facing straight ahead.  Start this stretch up right, you want both legs to be straight. If you can, with both hands, reach forward gently until your feel a light stretch.  Only go as far as your front leg remaining straight allows you to go! Some will be able to reach both hands to their toes, some only to the knee and some of you will feel a stretch right away.  You do NOT need to bend over to benefit from this stretch, so if it’s not there don’t push it.

Hold each leg for no more than 1 min each. Repeat a few times a day!


This stretch is for the front of you leg.  Place one foot up on your chair seat with that knee facing down towards the floor.  Squeeze your glutes. This should be a gentle stretch you feel in your quad muscle (middle of the thigh), if you feel a pull in your knee stop the stretch or lower the height of your foot behind you.  If you do not feel a stretch, keep your glutes squeezed and push your hips slightly forward. You can get a bigger stretch by putting your back foot up on a higher object.

Hold each side for no more than 1 min each. Repeat a few times a day!


This is my FAVORITE stretch.  I do this multiple times a day.  Hands on the back of your chair or desk that is above hip height.  Stand about arms length away and push your hips back and allow your body to get completely flat.  Push your armpits towards the ground. If you can find a fixed object to hold onto, you can grip it and lean back while doing this motion and it’ll open up your whole back and upper body!  

Hold as long as you’d like!

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