Our Instructors


Our trainers are individually certified, which means they have been trained in applicable programs and have gained the expertise that allows them a personable and agreeable style to their group and individual training. We assist our clients in becoming healthier, happier, and more confident, with the understanding that no two bodies are alike. We also ensure that our fitness program will accommodate your goals, style and physical capabilities. 



Krista Sideri

Life Facts:
National Council on Strength and Conditioning CPT • Level 1 Sports Performance Coach • Crossfit Level 1 Certified • Studied at UMASS, graduated with a BS in Plant and Soil Sciences with a concentration in holistic health.

Moving Fact:
Still holds the pole vaulting record at Masconomet Regional High School.

Krista became a high-level gymnast at a very young age. As a freshman in high school she signed on for track and field which eventually lead to pole vaulting. She remained with gymnastics until 17 as well. Applying to University of Massachusetts, she was accepted and continued her fitness lifestyle including pole vaulting. During her senior year at UMass, one of her close friends whom she was mentoring in nutrition and advising on running, mentioned to Krista that she should become a personal trainer. Krista continued her year with one goal in mind - to become the best personal trainer where clients could not only rely on her for insight and advice, but also as an accessible instructor available to answer any and all questions. In 2009, Krista’s first wellness position was working with Middleton’s Fitness Together as their in-house nutritional program instructor in addition to training new and current members. For the past ten years as a personal trainer, Krista has loved working closely with clients and seeing them realize their potential in growth for mind, body, and soul. She recently opened Life In Motion Fitness with her husband JP Wioncek.


JP Wioncek

Life Facts:
Crossfit 2 Trainer • Level 1 Sports Performance Coach • Functional Movement Screening Certified • Continuing Education courses on: Powerlifting, Mobility, Endurance • Graduated with a BS in Human Development from the University of Binghamton, New York.

Moving Fact:
JP has two different colored eyes, don’t worry he can still see you though.

Around the age of ten, JP started running. He used this as a coping skill to clear his mind from the frustrations of dyslexia. As he invested time and energy into becoming a better runner, JP picked up lacrosse at 13 and dedicated himself to the sport for the remainder of his high school years. Later, he achieved the National All American Title for Faceoffs, which landed him a full scholarship as a collegiate athlete at Binghamton University. While at Binghamton, JP spent many hours in the weight room learning how to lift and devise programs for college level athletes while majoring in human development. JP’s natural ambition towards high level fitness led him to Crossfit, allowing him to coach members in a variety of ways to achieve health related and other types of goals. And because some people absorb instruction in alternative ways, JP was able to utilize his disability in becoming a valued coach and teacher for those requiring various adaptations in the learning process. JP has 10 successful years as a personal coach and is co-owner and instructor with Krista at Life In Motion Fitness. 


Amy goodman

Life Facts:
Registered Nurse • 100 Hour Yoga Certified Instructor • Current Student in Massage Therapy School.

Moving Fact:
From dance to her nursing career to yoga and massage therapy, Amy has practiced lifelong habits of wellness.

Movement, in some fashion, has always been a part of Amy’s life. It began at the age of 4 with dance classes which lasted through high school. As a nurse, she was an enthusiastic promoter of movement. Patients would joke, “Here she comes; she is going to make me get out of bed!” It has been very rewarding for Amy to reap the benefits of movement and motivation in her own life and to see their positive impact on others. Along the way yoga has found a place in Amy’s repertoire of movement. The combination of strength, stillness, balance and breath has been beneficial in so many ways and will long be carried with her going forward. Lessons learned in yoga practice have played a powerful role in her nursing career and beyond, which is her reason for pursuing training in yoga instruction.

Amy became interested in strength training and conditioning and was introduced to Krista, who completely changed the way she was exercising and the results were inspiring. She eventually mustered up enough confidence to join a Krista and JP class and held high regard for their programs and community. Regular exercise, diet and proper rest officially became an integral part of her lifestyle. Amy is grateful for their encouragement, motivation and positivity around exercise and injury prevention. When they approached her about joining their fitness community she was honored to become a part of it. She is currently taking classes for therapeutic massage and enjoying every minute!